Tuesday, March 17, 2009

송이 라면

Yesterday, Yellow Sand (황사, 黃沙) from Inner Mongolia came and fouled up the air. To avoid breathing in too much dust, I thought I just stay indoor and ... cook.

One of the things that I have grown to like after living in Seoul is this Songi mushroom (송이) or King Oyster mushroom. This mushroom gives off a nice fragrance and is soft and chewy when cooked. I first ate it in Mushroom Spicy Soup (버섯매운탕) and that was when I started to like it.

This is Songi (송이) mushroom. 4 pieces cost 1,700won.

So I said I was going to cook. It was nothing special. I just added sliced Songi mushroom to Ramyeon and voila, I have 송이 라면. It tasted okay.

드디어 송이 라면이 완성됩니다 .


  1. 哇?似摸似样。。。Do you even own the pot?

    original time stamp: 18 March 2009 20:00

  2. u shld eat it with the 냄비뚜껑.. got more *feel*

    original time stamp: 18 March 2009 20:06

  3. ying, only when 구준표 eats with 뚜껑 then got feel lor =X

    yesmaru, the ramyeon pot is provided by the dormitory.

    original time stamp: 18 March 2009 21:57