Friday, March 13, 2009

봄이 진짜 왔다

While I am arranging my photos for Ojukheon and Gyeongpo Beach, I would like to show the Spring at Gangneung. Maehwa (매화, 梅花) has started to bloom over there. Although, it was just only a few trees that were fully bloomed, they were still a spectacular sight. No wonder 꽃샘추위 is visiting this weekend. 꽃샘추위 literally means the coldness that is jealous of the flowers.


  1. Nice.

    original time stamp: 14 March 2009 23:15

  2. still waiting when this 꽃샘추위 will be over ㅋㅋ can't wait for the sakura to come ^^

    original time stamp: 16 March 2009 18:56

  3. yesmaru, there shall be more pics of flowers coming out soon ^^

    tata, 꽃샘추위 just went away this morning but 황사 came. And after 황사 it will likely be rain. weather change is so drastic these days. just wait another 2 weeks and sakura will bloom in seoul.

    original time stamp: 16 March 2009 19:25