Monday, March 09, 2009

말로 표형할 수 없어

My blog is getting a little bit photo-intensive not because I am going a lot of places but more like I don't feel like writing. Sometimes, I just wish I can just sit down and write something simple like my daily life and the people I saw in the street but somehow I can't seem to be able to do that. Anyway, I shall try to do so starting from this post.

During the winter that just passed, I lost a total of 3 left-hand gloves. I still can't understand why I kept losing my glove. I was quite careful about how I kept my gloves after I lost my first left-hand glove but somehow history repeated itself not once but twice. The strangest thing was that all were left-hand gloves. At one time, I even wore two right-hand gloves because I didn't want to buy another pair only to lose one of them again. I guess unexplainable thing does happen sometimes. I shall record this as one of the biggest mysteries of my life.

Korea is well-known for its efficient food-delivery service but this is not the amazing part. One morning, as I was walking to school, I saw a person riding a bike and throwing something. Initially, I thought he was littering but on a closer look he was actually throwing cards (those that have the food-ordering hotline printed on it) onto the doorstep of the houses he rode by. So the card throwing is the amazing part. He spinned his card away with one hand, like he was spinning a poker card, while his other hand was used to manoeuvre the bike. What was more amazing was that every card he threw landed exactly at the doorstep and nowhere else. I was simply wowed.

One day, while I was standing in a bus, a ajumma sitting in front of me suddenly spoke to me. So I looked down to her and she was telling me to go and take the seat that was just vacated. The vacant seat was actually the first seat just beside the front door of the bus and it was at an elevated position. Anyway, I have no intention of sitting down so I told her 괜찮아요. Guess what she did? She stood up from her seat and asked me to take her seat while she moved across to sit down on the vacant seat. I can only imagine my mother doing that to me. This is perhaps the reason why I am here in Korea and not other places. I always feel like I am at home here.

Since I so enjoy uploading photos these days, I shall end this post with another photo ^^

Simple life is watching the sunset while thinking about what to have for dinner later.


  1. 어머나! 왜 또 잃었어?

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  2. 나도 몰라.

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