Monday, March 23, 2009

기분 좋은 날

As forecasted, 꽃샘추위 arrived last night and this morning, temperature nosedived to only 2degC from an all time high 22degC just two days ago. One moment, it seems like Summer has arrived and the next moment, it seems like Winter all over again. The 추위 (coldness) must be really jealous of the Spring flowers to cause such a drastic drop in temperature. To make it real tough for the blooming flowers, there is 50% chance that snow may fall tomorrow night. It would be interesting to see flowers cover by snow.

The Magnolia trees in my school has started to bloom. Magnolia is one very big flower. A tree full of pure white Magnolia flowers is very easy to spot from afar. Magnolia started to bud in the middle of Winter when temperature was extreme just to be in time to bloom in Spring. This flower inspires me. Preparation should always start early even when the odds are unfavourable. When everything becomes rosy, it may be too late.

Magnolia flowers are very big compared to other Spring flowers.

A tree full of Magnolia flowers is a spectacular sight.

Now for the reason why today is a good day. After more than 3 months, I finally ate Samgyeopsal again. Even though my cloth was smelling like Samgyeopsal after the meal, it was so worthed it.

Can't wait for it to be cooked.

Smacking good. Period.

Taking train back after a satisfying meal with good company.

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