Saturday, March 21, 2009

변덕스러운 날씨

The weather has run amok. It is early Spring but the temperature this afternoon begs to differ. It was 22degC - the highest temperature recorded so far this month. It seems like Spring has made an early exit.

The weather this month is nothing short of drastic. First, we had 꽃샘추위 (coldness in Spring). Then it was 황사 (yellow sand) from Inner Mongolia. Then it was this 고온현상 (high temperature phenomenon). Now it is raining outside. After the rain, 꽃샘추위 is expected to make a return. This means temperature is going to plunge back to zero again. It is most fortunate that I still remain healthy.

Some pictures from this evening walk at the Peace Park (near to World Cup Stadium).

This is Sansuyu (산수유, 山茱萸) or Cornus Fruit or Dogwood.

Raincloud was building up in the sky.

Peace and tranquility before the rain.