Wednesday, January 28, 2009

사랑에 관해

Generally, Koreans have five ways of meeting their life-partners or 배우자 (配偶者). They comprise one '선' and four '팅'. 선 is usually arranged by parents or match-makers and it is meant for people who are serious about marriage. As for the other four '팅', they are 소개팅, 미팅 (Meeting), 채팅 (Chatting) and 헌팅 (Hunting). 소개팅, 미팅 and 채팅 are kinda common so I am not going to talk about them. What I need to explain is 헌팅. 헌팅 means going on the street to 'hunt' for life-partner.

A Korean couple changes their '호칭' (address) for each other according to their state of relationship. Before marriage, they will call each other '자기야'. After marriage, they will switch to calling each other '여보'. When they have children, they will address each other as the father or mother of their child's name. For example, 지영의 아빠 or 지영의 엄마. A change in '호칭' is not just simply a change in address for one another. To look it deeper, it is a reflection of a maturing relationship.

I learn these during my daily lesson. The two music videos below are also related to my lesson. The first mv is called '여자를 내려 주세요'. It is the OST for the movie '신부수업' (Love So Divine). We were made to watch this movie during our Hanja class. Don't ask me the connection between watching movie and the teaching of Hanja because I have not figured it out myself. Anyway, I thought the mv is the best part of the movie. The song and dance shown in the mv is meant to be a performance for a wedding ceremony.

The second music video was introduced to us when we were being taught the differences between nouns that end with ~(으)ㅁ and ~기. 욕심쟁이 as the song is called, is meant to help drill in the usage of ~기. The lyrics of 욕심쟁이 is all about agreements made between a couple. As ~기 is used in making agreement, that explains why the song lyrics is full of 기. It is said that this song is widely played during wedding ceremony. A very nice song that may set you into thinking about getting into a relationship or marriage.


  1. nice topic ^ ^ but...why the video is not working :( i'd like to know about the ~(으)ㅁ and ~기's always confusing me :(

    original time stamp: 29 January 2009 15:50

  2. i've fixed the script so u should be able to view the videos on firefox.

    since u asked, i shall explain the differences between ~(으)ㅁ and ~기 this weekend. just to ensure you understand, i shall also include some homework :D

    original time stamp: 29 January 2009 18:32

  3. 고마워요 ^ ^
    아참... i like this song ^ ^ though don't really understand the lyric totally, it sounds good..
    a..correction ^ ^ the title is 욕심쟁이 cos i just tried to find the mp3 ㅋㅋㅋ
    nice song ^ ^

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  4. haha, i kept thinking of 기 that 이 also sounded like 기 in my mind :p

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