Friday, January 23, 2009

회포를 푼다

The cold wave is back after one week of hiatus. The temperature now is -11degC and yet, the coldness has not reached its peak. The peak is expected to be reached tomorrow. It is also quite definite that it will snow tomorrow as all weather forecast sources I follow indicate that. I wonder how many more snowing days are left this winter. The day is getting longer - an indication that winter is slowly creeping away. Somehow, I wish the winter can be longer because I am not prepared to welcome the spring yet.

I have crossed the halfway mark for this term. The results for my mid-term test were out. Actually they were out since Tuesday but I didn't feel like writing about them.

Reading: 92
Grammar/Vocabulary: 93
Listening: 84
Writing: 65

I don't really think I have done well. I was feeling rather restless during my preparation. I couldn't focus on my study and in the end, I spent only about 4 hours on revision. I am quite disappointed with myself for not putting in my best efforts. My writing result should have been much lower if not for the 'generosity' of our teacher. Anyway, I know I will have no problem passing the course because our teacher is quite reluctant to fail any of us. However, that is not my point. What is of more importance is whether I have done enough to justify the time and money I spent to enroll myself in the course. I know that only half of me is studying currently. What about the other half? Where has it gone to? 정신 차려 공부하라!

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