Monday, January 26, 2009

기축년 운수가 대통하세요

Lunar New Year has always been a busy time for me. While some people prefer to take a short overseas trip during the Lunar New Year holiday, I have never for once went away. I value the time spent visiting relatives and friends, people who are close to me but yet I only get to meet once a year. This year is kinda exceptional but I am not feeling homesick because of the festive period. My home is always in my heart so I am never too far from it.

During Seollal, Seoul is significantly less crowded but there seems to be more cars on the road. Eating outlets are mostly closed in my neighbourhood but once I got into town, finding a place to eat was not a big problem.

Entrance into all the palaces in Seoul is free during the Seollal extended holiday. I was at Unhyeongung (운현궁, 雲峴宮) in the afternoon when it suddenly snowed. It was a passing flurries but it still brightened my day to see snow flakes slowly descending from the sky. From Unhyeongung, I walked to the National Folk Museum which has some Seollal programme but its was closing for the day. So I ended taking photos in Samcheongdong. I realised it is the first time I have been to Samcheongdong during daytime but I still think it is more beautiful after dark.


  1. that words...home is always in my heart ^ ^
    혹시 사진은 삼청동에서 찍었어요?

    original time stamp: 27 January 2009 09:57

  2. ^^ yes it is.

    original time stamp: 27 January 2009 14:03