Thursday, January 22, 2009


This week is the week of field trips. As our cohort is very big, the school has to break us down into four groups to go on trip on four separate days. Starting Monday, coaches left the school every morning for Everland as I was walking to my class. Finally, its our turn today! Five coaches carrying students from the Advanced level and Korean Studies left the school this morning at 5 minutes after 9am. The journey to Yongin, where Everland is located, took slightly more than one hour. The weather is wonderful today - sunny and 'warm'. Outdoor temperature was about 5degC. It is fortunate that the cold wave is only expected to reach the peninsula tomorrow.

Despite being in Korea for many times, this is actually my first time in Everland. Somehow I always feel that I will visit Everland one day, so I never have plan to visit it before. Frankly, I was not really excited about the trip. It would have been more fun if the school could find some place where there is snow and organise snowman making or snow sculpture competition or things like that. But since I was in Everland, I thought I might as well enjoy myself.

Photo opportunity near the entrance. Snowman family on skates.

More photo opportunity on the opposite side. Snowman musicians.

To warm up for the day, I first took the ice-sled ride (눈썰매). The ride down the snow-capped slope was fast and furious but not scary. Yes, the buzzword of the day was "무섭다". For any ride that we want to attempt, the first question we would always ask was, "무서워요?" Other expressions we used commonly to comment on or describe a ride were "무섭죠" and "무섭지 않아요".

At the end of ride. Bringing back the ice-sled to the return counter.

The ride that scores the highest in fear factor is none other than the T Express. Just imagining myself dropping at an angle of descent of 77deg and at a speed of 100km/h was already scary enough, not too mention taking the ride. But it would have been a wasted trip to Everland if I do not go on the T Express. Afterall it is the pride of Everland and the world's steepest wooden coaster. My vanity of getting the bragging rights got the better of me and I decided to give it a try. 45 minutes of waiting and 3 minutes of ride was all its take to complete the scariest ride in Everland. I shall confess that I took the ride with my eyes closed. Although, the ride turned out less scary that way, I was still affected by the g-force. I thought I was seeing "stars" as if my head was hit by something. The ride is really something. After taking the T Express, the other rides, in comparison, seem like kiddy rides.

Challenged myself to the T Express, the world steepest wooden coaster, today.

Another activity which I enjoyed myself was the bus ride through the Safari park. The big cats were awesome but the bears were the most "entertaining". They would stand on two legs to walk or turn-around just for the biscuits that were thrown at them by the bus driver. The bus driver also double-up as a safari guide.

Tiger taking an afternoon nap, oblivious to the din created by curious visitors

A pair of Ligers. Lion face with tiger strips.

A bear pro-actively soliciting for biscuits from the bus driver.

Here are more photos from the day trip.

Live performance for those who don't like rides.

Wishing trees with wishes. We all love making wishes.

Paper windmills never fail to remind me of long-forgotten childhood.

In Everland, I don't know how to stop taking photos.

Yeah, it was a nice day at Everland.

Our time of departure from Everland was 4:30pm. That's all the field trip we are going to get for this term. If you do not know, regular language course can be quite boring.

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