Tuesday, January 20, 2009

산천어와 화천강

After leaving the World Winter City Plaza, I crossed the street and walked back from where I came from. Not too far down the road, there was a alley to my left that leads straight to the Hwacheon River. Actually, I didn't really know where the river was. I just followed the crowd into the alley but it turned out to be the correct route. Anyway, Hwacheon River isn't very far from the World Winter City Plaza. Ten minutes of leisure walking was all it took for me to get to the 제1털너 (First Tunnel) of Hwacheon River. I shall let the photos do the talking.

At the 제1털너. I could already feel the festive mood.

Crossing the tunnel. You can see how crowded it was.

Finally arrived at Hwacheon River. The Hwacheon Bridge is at the far end.

I can't believe I am standing on a frozen river. The feeling is so surreal. I have been dreaming of seeing a frozen river. Just the sight of it makes the trip worthwhile. The ice surface is slippery but I enjoy walking on it. I think it will be really fun if I can skate on it. Now I yearn to learn ice skating.

There are snow sculptures on the river bank for photo-taking.

Sancheoneo on top of Hwacheon Bridge. You won't leave Hwacheon without knowing how Sancheoneo looks like. Models and images of the fish are almost everywhere. That shows the importance of the fish to Hwacheon's economy.

Festival concert banner. There is concert every Saturday evening. Typhoon, FT Island and Mighty Mouth performed at the festival opening concert.

Ice sledding is fun. It can be enjoyed individually...

... or enjoyed by linking up like a caterpillar.

... and it is not meant for the children only. Adults can also have a lot of fun.

If the ice sled is too small, there is the ice sleigh for rent. The weekend queue is very long so be prepared to wait.

I was looking down on the slide from Hwacheon Bridge. There are two slides. This is the 30m slide for bobsleighing. It should be extremely fun if you don't mind waiting. I think the ride is free because I didn't see anyone waving their tickets.

The kids look bored waiting for their turn at the stairs leading to the slide.

Motorcade racing on ice surface should be more difficult than it looks.

From the riders' expression, you should guess that the ride is very fun.

The section of the river marked for Sancheoneo fishing is packed with people.

If there is a large group of people, playing ice football should be quite fun.

It is interesting seeing top being played on an ice surface. They just sweep the line across the tip of the top and it continues spinning.

Rickshaw being pulled by a mechanical walking teddy bear.

There are many tentages set up on both sides of the river bank. Food, snacks and local products are sold in them.

Free Korean beef given away at the festival fair.

Before leaving Hwacheon, you may want to leave your wishes behind at this pavillion.

Inside the pavillion. Wishes are written on a "Sancheoneo" and hang up on the rope.

The two wishes read: I wish for Lego toys. I wish to be a wealthy man.

Let's hope that we can all become more happy.

I returned to the Hwacheon Bus Terminal at about 5:00pm. The next bus leaving was at 5:30pm. I spent my 3,000won voucher which I was given earlier at a convenience store since it can't be used outside Hwacheon. The journey back to Seoul took almost four hours. The road was slippery so the bus has to move at a much slower speed. As I was half-asleep inside the bus, I overheard a Caucasian, apparently an English teacher, asking his new-found friend, "What is the difference between "I will do it" and "I am going to do it?" Ya, what is the difference?

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