Sunday, January 04, 2009

아가씨와 아줌마의 차이점

My Korean culture's teacher said that if the world is to come to an end, there will be two creatures that will survive. One is cockroach and the other is 아줌마. What he means is that 아줌마 are very strong and robust women. Otherwise, they will not be able to fulfil their multi-roles in a family. Simply put it, they are 'superwomen'.

Here is something interesting which I learned during our lesson. It is about the differences between 아가씨 and 아줌마.

1. 90% of 아가씨 dream of marriage. 90% of 아줌마 dream of divorce.

2. When it comes to dressing up, 아가씨 are troubled by how to reveal more of their flesh while 아줌마 are troubled by how to cover more of their flesh.

3. 아가씨 love because they want to be loved. 아줌마 love because they want to love.

4. When 아가씨 has a troubled mind, they would leave the lights on and stay awake throughout the night. When 아줌마 has a troubled mind, they just sleep.

5. 아가씨 stare and admire at their own reflection while 아줌마 stare and admire at other beautiful women.

6. 아가씨 become stronger the more they are hurt. 아줌마 become paranoid and timid the more they are hurt.

7. 아가씨 do not think 아줌마 are women but 아줌마 clearly think that 아가씨 are women.

8. When 아가씨 are drunk, they cry. When 아줌마 are drunk, they dance.

9. 아가씨 eat until their stomach are full. 아줌마 eat until their chest are full.

10. When 아가씨 cry, their tears come out. When 아줌마 cry, their heart come out.

11. On a nice day, 아가씨 will arrange to meet up with friends in a nice cafe. 아줌마 will crave for soju on a nice day.

12. In comparison to 아가씨, the reason that makes 아줌마 interesting: "너희들은 아줌마 안되냐?" (We are 아줌마 so what?)

Shall write about about the differences between 오빠 and 아저씨 in the next post.


  1. #6,its the other way around.
    #11, in rainy day, not nice day.
    Over all, good Job!!

  2. hohoho…so interesting ^ ^
    when shopping…agassi used to say..that’s ajumma style then skip it..wondering what ajumma think when they see agassi style :P

    original time stamp: January 4, 2009 11:41 pm

  3. they will think about what their daughter will like, i guess :)

    original time stamp: January 4, 2009 11:54 pm