Saturday, January 10, 2009

평안 감사도 제가 싫으면 그만

I just learn a new proverb - 평안 감사도 제가 싫으면 그만. What it means literally is that even if I am the governor of the Pyeong-an Province, I will quit if I don't like it. This proverb more or less summed up what has been going through my mind for the last one year.

If I have not quitted what I dislike, I would not be able to embark on what I like. Life as a student has not much ups and downs. Things that are bothering me these days are dressing appropriately for the weather, doing my homework and preparing for presentation. Such simple student life makes me a happier person.

The Central Library as seen from my classroom

Looking down on the dry fountain from my classroom

Breakfast and e-dictionary, a must for morning lesson

Water tumbler is as important as stationery during class

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