Tuesday, January 27, 2009

연휴가 끝나다

The Seollal holiday is almost over. It's back to school tomorrow. It seems like Spring weather has arrived. Daytime temperature has been staying above zero. The undergraduates should be starting their Spring semester soon. Our school has been very quiet since they went off for their Winter vacation. Food choices at the school's canteen are also affected because of lesser crowd. We ended up eating out most of the time. School canteen's food may not be the tastiest but at least it's cheap. 2,500won is all I need to pay to get a decent lunch. Eating out can cost me anywhere from 4,000 to 6,000won and sometimes, 10,000won when we ate in better restaurants. As a student, I need to remind myself to be thrifty.

I have two outstanding homework to submit in the next one week. Next Friday, I will be doing my presentation on a topic related to International Affairs. There will be a lot of preparation to be done this coming weekend. Next weekend, I shall be going to Mt. Taebaek (태백산, 太白山) for 2박1일. It's study first, play later and I am definitely getting my priority right ^^

This is not my class photo but we share the same teachers. The teacher who teaches us from 9-11am, also our teacher-in-charge, is fourth from right. Our other teacher is third from right. Both are very good teachers.

They are some of my classmates. The photo was taken some weeks ago. They are from China, Taiwan, Japan and Kyrgyzstan. Can you tell who come from where? It's not going to an easy task telling them apart just by look. Coincidentally, they are also the better students in our class.

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