Monday, January 19, 2009


After exiting from the Asia Ice and Lights Plaza, I re-looked at the festival map placed outside the exit door and found my way to the World Winter City Plaza (세계겨울도시광장). The plaza is somewhere down the main road. It took me about 10 to 15 minutes to get there by walking.

In contrast to the sculptures at the Asia Ice and Lights Plaza, the sculptures in the World Winter City Plaza are carved out of compacted snow. Also, they are huge, placed outdoor and in only one colour - white. Before I went around marvelling at the outdoor sculptures, there was this LED Tunnel which I visited. I am not too sure what LED lights got to do with snow sculptures but since it was free I just walked through it. The LED lights display was beautiful but nothing to shout about. A walk-through won't take more than 5 minutes.

Cheery styrofoam snowman illuminated by LED lights.

A view of the colourful LED Tunnel.

Big LED TV installed on the wall screening animation.

The snow sculptures at the outdoor plaza are huge but only 6 of them are displayed in a not so big open area. It took me only about half an hour to complete my visit. The highlight of the festival was actually over at the frozen Hwacheon River so it didn't make sense for me to spend too much time here. I shall be covering Hwacheon River in the next post. Here are the photographs taken at the World Winter City Plaza.

Namdaemun burnt down in fire, re-born in snow

The sculpture is not only huge but solid enough for people to walk on.

Sculpture of the Colosseum. The size of the work is simply amazing.

Inside the Colosseum. The sculptor probably has some sense of humour.

A frowning face. The door leads to an exhibition room which introduces the world winter cities like Harbin and Sapporo.

A snow village with mushroom houses and cartoon characters.

A full view of the snow village from the top of "Namdaemun".

A close up of the mushroom houses and the cartoon characters.

A village girl with two bagful of goodies.

This photo is meant to show the light effect of afternoon sun on white snow.

The largest waterwheel in Korea with a diameter of 15m. The sight of icicles was quite captivating. They are like crystals and jewels that sparkle.

A giant mural of dragon and phoenix carved out from snow. As the mural is too big, I couldn't capture everything in one photograph. This is the dragon part of the mural.

This the phoenix part of the mural. After viewing this mural, I exited.


  1. OMg that waterwheel really great.... hmm only 1 weekend left :( gotta think hard about it ^ ^
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