Thursday, January 08, 2009

매서운 추위

I cannot live a day here without reading the weather forecast. I believe I am now quite well-versed with most of the Korean adjectives associated with weather. Reading weather forecast in Korean is now part of my life. I guess that is what I have wanted for a long time - making Korean language part of my daily life. If a language is not part of my life, I don't think I will learn it well.

The pond in my school is all frozen

After enjoying quite a while of warmer weather, the temperature is going to dive again tomorrow afternoon. The temperature is not going to drop but dive something like 5degC according to forecast. Night and early morning temperature for the next few days is predicted to bottom at -10degC. I must 'wrap' myself up well for class tomorrow.

The heating system in the main admin building (본관), where our classroom is, is both old and noisy. We have to endure its 'hissing' sound (sound made by escaping steam) for about 3 hours every morning before the noise starts to fade away. But we have since gotten used to the noise. For the past few weeks, when our classroom's air conditioner was down, we have to stand beside the heating elements, which are housed inside the wall, to keep ourselves warm every rest period. That was the only time when I find the system useful. Other times, the system just wasn't doing a good job to warm up our room. Good grief, the air-conditioner is now functioning or we will have to endure both sleepiness and coldness during class tomorrow.

I don't really mind severe cold. The only complaint I have is that there is no snow for a long while due to the high pressure that is persistently hanging above Seoul. I hope when the next snow comes, it is not going to be those heavy snow that causes traffic chaos. Sometimes, weather is just like life. When it doesn't come, there is absolutely nothing but when it comes, it just overwhelms and leaves you shell-shocked.

I am now hesitating if I should go somewhere this weekend or just stay inside my dorm and sleep away the severe cold. Anyway, I shall wait until tomorrow night to decide. Meanwhile, it's time for me to 'hibernate' again.

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