Saturday, September 26, 2009


The airport limousine bus left Cheongnyangni at 3:15pm. On its way to airport, it took me through the familiar roads of Jongno, Ewha, Sinchon and Hongdae. My heart was reluctant to leave.

Once the bus hit the expressway leaving Seoul behind, flashback started. It wasn't a flashback of the last nine months but last four years. There was a sense of accomplishment but no sadness. Even that, my eyes were still damp.

At Incheon Airport, check-in and security check was swift and smooth. I looked at my alien registration card for the last time before surendering it. More than an hour later, my flight left the runway into the night sky.

6hr 20min later, after two and a half movies and a late night dinner, the flight touched down at Changi Airport Terminal 3. It was early in the morning and I have come home to a new life that is awaiting me. I am excited to be back for Chuseok.

Using the airport's free wireless while waiting to check in

Waiting at Gate 124 in Incheon Airport

Arrived at Terminal 3 in the early morning


  1. Welcome back.


  2. are you never going back to korea?

  3. your posts on Korea will be missed...

  4. Thanks very much for sharing your Korea expeditions & experiences with us. It felt like taking an armchair journey into rural & towns of Korea with you and at times, even sitting in on your lessons at the Uni.

    Hope you can continue to upload more experiences tucked deep in the recesses of your camera and your memory. :)

    All the best to your new start, Equinox ssi.

  5. thank you. as to the question asked, never say never.

  6. good luck for your future and thanks for your reflections on and of Korea through images and thoughts. i hope you'll keep on posting.

  7. welcome back!!! i'm leaving for US for 2 weeks tonight... meet up when i'm back after the 8th? i'll catch you on msn then! ^^

    original time stamp: 26 September 2009 14:25

  8. 그래? 알았어. 잘 다녀와~

    original time stamp: 26 September 2009 14:33