Friday, August 06, 2010


"Bus 9602 will be arriving in 13 minutes time. Bus 9706 has departed the bus stop before. Bus 9708 will be arriving in 12 minutes time."

All the traffic information you need to know about the buses is clearly displayed on the sleek LED board. To give better readability, lines of information alternate between white and blue light. Most important of all, the information shown is accurate. I can get myself a mocha from a nearby cafe while waiting for the next bus without fear of missing it. This is what I call world class transportation system.

P.S. There are many ways of saying bus stop in Korean. You can call it 정류장 (停留場), 정거장 (停車場), 승강장 (昇降場) or 정류소 (停留所).


  1. i just came back yesterday! ): having post-korea depression now >,<

  2. 이번은 마침표가 아니라 쉼표입니다 ^^

  3. 네~! ^^ 그런데도 울울해요 ㅠㅠ

  4. 그래도 시간이 지나다 보면 점차로 나아지겠죠.
    난 경험자이거든요^^