Friday, August 27, 2010

커피 자판기

The digital read out showed three zeros which mean coffee from the dispenser is free. Some eating houses charge a token 100won (S$0.10) for a cup. You can see such coffee dispensing machines quite often in places like eating houses. The dispensed coffee tasted acceptable. It always feels good, especially on a cold and windy day, to have a free cup of hot coffee after meal.

P.S. '자판기'(自販機) is short form for '자동판매기'(自動販賣機).


  1. hi there..

    super junior is coming to town.
    are you going to watch their concert too?

  2. 29 Jan 2011 is still 5 months away.
    Shall look out for Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 first.

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