Sunday, August 01, 2010

이제 여름입니다

Cosmos flowers between July and September. However, it is more associated with autumn than summer. Perhaps, the best season to view the flowers is early autumn.

It's summer now but that doesn't mean you don't get to see red maple leaves. The season of maple leaves may be in late autumn but there is nothing to stop any tree turning red earlier than the 'designated' time.

Ears of rice start to appear in summer. Rice is called 'mo' (모) when it is planted in spring. In summer, it 'turns' 'byeol' (벼). In autumn, it is harvested as 'ssal' (쌀) which we use to make 'bap' (밥). That is, roughly speaking, the 'annual life cycle' of rice.


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  3. 마음에 드는 사진이 있으면은 무조건 담아가도 돼요.