Monday, August 16, 2010


In Korea, there are two college graduation ceremonies every year, one in Feb and the other in Aug, just before the start of spring and autumn semester. On the day of ceremony, you will find stalls peddling flower bouquets outside the main gate of the college. Beside them, food and drink stalls, souvenir stalls and on-site photo shoot services are all out in full force to vie for a share of the business opportunity generated by such occasion.

Graduation used to be a joyous occasion because to become a degree-holder means good job and good pay. However, these days, graduation could well mean the start of unemployment. It may be long due for people to rethink the purpose of slogging for a degree when it no longer guarantees employment.

Trust them to take a photo of you for a fee. Any one of their high-end cameras is likely to worth more than one year pay of a fresh graduate.

Drinks and balloons on sale. The 장사꾼 know exactly when to set up their stalls in the campus. No business opportunity escapes them.

One of those flower stalls which is strategically set up just outside the college's gate and by the bus stop.

Congratulation. A new beginning awaits.

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