Saturday, August 21, 2010

밝음과 어둠

When light is cast, there is bound to be shadow somewhere. Darkness is just an effect of light. Whoever or whichever can brighten up our life can also, at the same time, cast a shadow. It is not a sad fact of life, it is life. Life is neutral but we are biased.

Maple leaves turning brown during late summer

The season of sunflowers is coming to an end

No more maple leaves and sunflowers but life still goes on ^^


  1. Why not plant your own acer palmatum? You will see it growing.

  2. As much as I will like to, I don't think they can survive in the tropics or I would have seen them around.

  3. You are right, they need a dormant period, the most southern I have seen were in Taiwan. Probably only an evergreen species would do, maybe there are some at the SG Botanical Gardens?

  4. Will check it out one of these days but I don't think they exist here.