Tuesday, August 31, 2010

주렁주렁 열매

An outing during autumn can easily turn out to be an educational trip. What I used to see as finished products are growing on trees right in front of me.

Gingko (은행, 銀杏)
I like it as a dessert or it will be too bitter to be eaten

Chestnut (밤, 栗子)
I like it roasted. Roasted chestnut smell and taste very nice.

Acorn (도토리, 橡子)
I like it as 'acorn jelly' or 도토리 묵, soft and chewy

Jujube or Chinese date (대추, 大枣)
I like it as jujube tea - a 'cooling' drink to drive away the heat

Persimmon (감, 柿子)
I like to have a big bite when it is fully ripe


  1. 정말 대단한 사진을 찍어내고 있군요 판타스틱 아웃스탠딩, 수퍼두퍼, 어메이징

  2. 제 상각는요. 영웅 씨의 말씀처럼 그렇게 대단한 사진이 아닌 것 같아요. 그저 그래요.