Friday, August 20, 2010

더러운 세상

Columns of Kyunghee's main admin building

Photos tend to look better than the real world. Some may think that the difference in sensation has much to do with photo editing software. However, I would like to think that photos look better because they have lesser 'noise'. The world we see has a lot of the 'noise' which makes it both 'messy' and 'dirty'. In the case of photos, 'noise' can easily be cropped away and this explains why they tend to look better than reality.

But, it is not always true that photos look better than the real world. The real world is definitely more beautiful than photos if only we can see it without its noise. I know I would rather see fireworks with my own eyes than through photos. Because at that moment when the night sky burst into colourful flames, all the 'noises' of this world 'vanish', leaving behind only the brillant sparks in the sky.

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