Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The sweet scent of wood greeted me as I entered. I couldn't tell if it came from the books or the unvanished wooden bookselves. It was no ordinary shop as I soon discovered. Be it the vintage stationery set, the old typewriters that lined the stairs or the unsold literary publications that are still awaiting buyers after decades, everything indicates that it doesn't belong in the present. It made me wonder if there is really such thing as time travel. Taking away the fantasy part, it is like a bookshop that has closed its door in the 1980s, gone dormant for decades, only to reopen with everything intact. In some way, it is a time capsule, a shop caught in a time warp. If you like the feeling of travelling back in time, pay it a visit and no, the books are actually not old.

P.S. I paid fully for the book shown, no discount or whatsoever. Anyway, I can't remember the last time I bought an English book. It must have been years.

It was said that a cat lives on the 2nd level of the bookshop. His name is Cake. During the day, people can only hear his purring but he is nowhere to be seen. He only appears during the night after the shop has close for the day. In a world where he has no natural enemy, he treats the rubber bands as his enemy. He loves to jump on them and imagines shredding them into hundreds of pieces with his sharp claws. A once lonely cat, it was said that he found a new playmate recently. Good Cake.

Call me Cake. This is my secret playground. [Thanks S.M.]


  1. That was nicely put :) Cake would have purred approvingly.

    He is immensely honoured to be featured on this great blog and hopes to meet you in person someday (I suspect he would also oblige you to witness a rubber band fight or two)


  2. I would like to meet him someday too. A cat in a bookshop is really interesting ^^