Wednesday, August 11, 2010

먹고 살아야겠다

During a dinner, a person asked a businessman if he is the CEO of a chain of supermarkets. The businessman replied rather humbly, "Tan jiat, tan jiat."

'Tan jiat' in Hokkien dialect literally means 'earn to eat' and it can be taken as 'earning a living'. It is definitely more than just 'earning a living' when you are talking about a business involving a chain of supermarkets.

Anyway, I was not interested in how much he earns or how I can tap into his network, I was drawn by what he said. Work is 'tan jiat' and I saw wisdom in the word. We work because we want to earn enough to eat so that we can live. Isn't that the whole thing about working? But, why do so many people want to earn more than they ever need to eat and live?

Happiness is not directly proportional to wealth so I just wanna 'tan jiat, tan jiat' and leave time to live a life. I don't mean enjoying or living to its max, just living it will be great.

A happy girl, she must be

Happy ducks, they must be

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