Wednesday, August 04, 2010

소나기가 지남

비가 오기 전 (Before rain) 

비가 온 후 (After rain)


  1. Hi

    Are you currently staying in Korea?

  2. i see...but you're posting stuffs about korea hah?
    btw, how can i sign up with singapore korean school for korean lesson, do i contact them thru phone or make my way down to register?

  3. hi, i think you can register by phone. However, you may want to visit sks's website to find out more. The address is provided below:

    if you have further queries you can contact sks at 67410778 or email them:

  4. thanks for the information and your blog.
    in your opinion, is there a difference between nus extension and sks? what's your recommendation?

  5. hi, you can read my posting on nex and sks. it has been 3 years since, so please use it as only a rough guide. some parts are outdated like nex has since replaced sogang textbooks with kyunghee, etc.

  6. alright sure.
    thanks alot for the information!!