Saturday, December 29, 2007

책을 읽기와 독서가 똑 같애

Recently, I have not been blogging as much as I will normally do after a trip. It is not a case that I have run out of ideas but rather I have been spending my free time reading books which I bought in Beijing. I must attest to the fact that books are indeed cheap in Beijing. My friend used to tell me that she shipped boxes of books back from Beijing and they still cost so much cheaper than if bought in Singapore. I am no book-addict so I was satisfied in just getting a few books to read on my flight back to Singapore.

Among other books, I bought a Korean Conversation Handbook at about S$5. I have been learning Korean for two years but I always find myself tongue-tied when I have to converse in simple Korean. In any language, there is always some differences between the written form and the spoken form. The problem with learning Korean in Singapore is that there is very little opportunity to practice speaking. I guess, the next best thing is to self-learn from a conversation handbook. One thing good about this kind of handbook is that there are a lot of "banmal" sentences. Our teachers don't teach us "banmal" in class and yet it is spoken everywhere in Korea. Since it is not taught, I shall self-teach.

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