Friday, December 14, 2007

지금 서울에 안 있는데

I @ Singapore, between Delhi and Manila, about 3,500km SSW of Seoul

Being to Seoul a couple of times, Korea is now more than kimchi. It is also about ddeok, coffee and bread. Kimchi and ddeok represent the traditional Korea while coffee and bread represent the modern Seoul. A day of my life in Seoul can hardly pass by without coming in contact with these four things. They are everywhere and I ate them almost every other days to the extent that I was missing them when I left Seoul. A week later, everything is well back to normal. Life carries on and I am still happy to lead a Singaporean way of life. Secretly, I am still missing my time eating at the roadside stalls in Jongno.

Missing my time eating dakggochi at the roadside stall in Jongno.

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