Thursday, December 20, 2007

화려한 빛

It is not just Christmas lighting but a whole garden filled with Christmas lighting. All the trees are lighted up and so are the bushes. It is hard not be dazzled by this garden of lights at the Lotte Department Store and Duty Free Shop. Words and photos are just not good enough to express that overwhelming feel of being engulfed in a sea of sparkle and brilliance.


  1. hey equinox, just wanna check. is yr teacher v particular abt attendance? cause i'll most likely be missing the 1st 2 lessons plus some tues due to dance..

    looks like i'll have to start my revision soon!! how's the test like? is it MCQ like the KLPT? and is it split into listening/grammar etc??

  2. Yes, I think she will be very particular :X
    But the good news is, I am quite sure you won't meet her :)

    Attendance only constitutes 10% of the semester result. I guess as long as you can catch up with the lesson, it should not be a problem to miss some lessons.

    The placement test is mostly MCQs and a few sentence-makings. There is no listening test though