Friday, December 21, 2007

요즘 매일 비가 온다

Recently, I am attracted to two Korean songs. One is 여우비 (Sun Shower) by J-Walk and the other, 매일 매일 (Everyday Everyday) by V.O.S or Voice Of Soul. I heard those voices many times while I was in Seoul, be it inside cafe or along the street.

여우비 is an interesting noun which I have learnt recently. Its literal translation is "Fox Rain" but I doubt anyone besides Korean will know what it means. I have not quite understand how fox has come to be related to rain. Anyway, 여우비 means light rain when the sun is shining. So "Sun Shower" is a more appropriate translation than "Fox Rain".

Kinda hard to see 여우비 in Singapore during December but it is definitely raining everyday in Singapore recently. Yes 매일 매일.

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