Sunday, December 16, 2007

밤이 됐다

Many years ago, when I first arrived in Seoul, the only two places I knew were Hangang and Itaewon. I knew Hangang as the river that separates Seoul. As for Itaewon, it was the place that I stayed in. As there was a US camp nearby in Itaewon, I thought it would be easier for me to move around as I expected people there to know some basic English. Today, I don't think I even need a map to move around in Seoul. I probably can find my way on foot from Namdaemun to Dongdaemun at night but I have not done that yet because it is going to be a long walk. It seems that I may have gotten too familiar with Seoul. If I am going to visit Korea again for leisure, I will probably explore somewhere else.

Night photos taken along the streets from Myeongdong to Jongno

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