Monday, December 03, 2007


All the above photos were taken in the Seoul Grand Park. Within the park, there is the Seoul Land Amusement Park, the Korea's largest zoo, the National Museum of Comtemporary Art Korea and a IT park. One can choose to take a sky ride or an "elephant" tram ride within the park. Don't be fooled by my photos as I choose only to show its scenery. The Seoul Grand Park is in fact a recreation park and not some sort of national park as you may think.

Today weather is freezing cold. Perhaps the coldest day since I came to Seoul. I have to cover up myself fully while walking in the park. The wind was blowing strongly and leaves were falling. The sun went behind the mountain by 5pm and by 6pm the park was completely dark and quiet. Seoul Land didn't seem to attract tourists like Lotte World and it closed at 6pm. There was really no good reason to stay around the park after 6pm during winter.

My home station was supposed to be Anguk but I decided to get out at Jongno 3-ga station to have some light snack before walking back home. I found a 포창마차 (pushcart) selling 닭꼬치 (BBQ chicken on a stick) for 1,000won. The cheapest 닭꼬치 I have come across so far and for that I bought two sticks. The ajumma was so nice, she even offered a cup of hot "odeng" soup for free. The soup tasted delicious and I could feel the heat from the soup slowly thawing my frozen body.

As I have yet to see snow in Seoul, I am thinking of going to Taebaek mountain. I am not too sure if I can withstand -10 temparature. If I do go, I hope I can survive to tell the tale. The weather at Seoul is very cold these few days not to mention the temperature at high altitude. Anyone want to see a snowman? 너무 춥겠다 ><


  1. If u have the time, try visit Namhansanseong. The sunset sight is 볼만합니다.

  2. That's a very beautiful sunset!
    I love how the rays look so "drawn" in the third picture.
    Have never been to 서울대공원 before, but I definitely would go the next time round! ^_^
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics, Equinox!

  3. wow.. lovely pictures! i love the 3rd picture esp! great contrast. :)