Monday, December 31, 2007

계획 2008

I am going into my third year of Korean study and 2008 will probably be the last year I will have proper Korean lessons in Singapore. Just to make sure I make the best out of 2008, I have drafted a plan for my Korean study next year. After more than half a year away, I will probably be back at NEX to support its newly-opened Intermediate course. At the same time, I will be repeating my Advanced 1 at SKS while waiting for Advanced 2 to start in the second semester. Hopefully, the returns in the coming year will be as fruitful as 2007.

My Korean Study Plan 2008

Advanced 1 Course @ SKS: 8 Jan - 18 Mar
Intermediate 1 Course @ NEX: 2 Feb - 19 Apr
Intermediate 2 course @ KHU: 3 Mar - 21 Mar
Advanced 2 Course @ SKS: 8 Apr - 17 Jun
Intermediate 3 Course @ NEX: Aug - Oct
Preparation for TOPIK: Jul - Sep
TOPIK Intermediate and Advanced: Sep
Korean Language Proficiency Test: Oct
Intermediate 4 Course @ NEX: Nov 08 - Jan 09

In addition to attending lessons and taking tests, I plan to influence my SKS teacher to open up Advanced 3 and higher level courses. I am also thinking of creating a blog dedicated to explaining Korean grammar. From the look of things, it is going to be another busy year ahead for me. If nothing changes, 2008 will be the last year of my Korean study and whatever comes next will have to be decided at the end of next year.

Before I end, I like to share this phrase which I picked up while walking along the street in Seoul. 책읽는 사람의 얼굴은 다르다 or the face of the person who reads book is different. So let us all read more and study harder in the coming year.


  1. Looking at your Korean Study Plan for 2008, I told myself I have to buck up also. Learning this language made me feel happy and I really do not wish to see my past years' effort to 附注流水 :) Hope that I could attain a state of 一日不接触韩文就会觉得自己面目可憎, 哈! ;p 화이팀!!

  2. 呵呵...这年代,会懂得“三日不读书,面目可憎”这句话的新加坡人可真是凤毛麟角般的稀少呀。您太让我惊讶了。呵呵...