Tuesday, December 25, 2007

이 거 뭐야?

This week is going to be a short week. The mood to work is not there. I am not talking about my mood. I am talking about the mood in general. It will be hard to get anything done this week as people are either on leave or out of office on retreat or function. Just another 3 days of work and I may probably have another 5 days of rest. I am planning only to start work on 3 Jan next year.

The holiday mood is also affecting my mood to blog. Today I shall not write a long posting. Instead of me writing, perhaps I shall let you guess what is the thing below. Those who live in Korea need not answer. ^^

That's right, this thing is meant for roasting. To be exact, it is a mobile sweet potatoes roasting drum. In the photo, you can see five round covers with handle. When the handle is pulled, a semi-circle metal tray will be exposed. Sweet potatoes are then placed inside this tray to be roasted. The drum is heated by firewood which is inserted through the bottom cover.

Korea's sweet potatoes are actually quite small. That is why they can be placed inside those small trays for roasting. Sweet potatoes are sold in bag and one bag contains about 3 sweet potatoes. They are best eaten when piping hot and during winter night... at least, that is what I think. Hot potatoes keep the hands and the mouth warm in a winter night. The aroma and the steam coming from roasted potatoes are quite appealing to the senses.


  1. you evil!!! making me wanna get some AGAIN!! haven't had a chance to buy any since that day... :(

  2. 看起来像是个烤箱...mmm 烤栗子?

  3. Kaye, I am sorry that you have to see this in the dead of the night. I will try not to repeat my mistake in future. I swear :)

    Milkway and Jean, you are both quite close though :)

  4. When I first saw the picture, I was wondering why part of a missile was on the street . . . .

  5. Tas-sing, you are not alone. I also think it looks sort of like a missile booster. The sweet potatoes roasting drum that I have come across elsewhere are all standing upright.