Tuesday, December 04, 2007

돈을 많이 쓰는 날

The cold spell continued today. I started to apply lip balm and wear gloves. Even that, exposed areas like my face and ears were still subjected to the biting coldness. Under such condition, I thought it would be better for me to stave off my plan to visit Taebaek mountain tomorrow. Anyhow, tomorrow I shall be meeting my Kyunghee's teacher, Ms Cheon and Kaye for lunch. It is kinda small world. Kaye happens to be Ms Cheon's student as well and it was she who contacted Ms Cheon for me.

If I knew I would be going to Kyunghee University tomorrow, I would not have gone there today to buy my advanced level Korean textbooks. Anyway, I was there at KHU's co-op bookstore this afternoon. I bought KHU's Harvesting Korean Advanced level 1 and 2 textbooks as well Sogang's level 4B textbook and workbook. Four books cost me 73,000won (S$118). With such big investment, I just hope that I can successfully scale up to advanced level by the end of next year.

KHU's Harvesting Korean Advanced level 1 and 2 textbook

In the late afternoon, I met up with Kaye at the Yongsan Electronics Mart to shop for e-dictionary. Before I came to Korea, my SKS's teacher strongly recommended that I should get a iRiver e-dictionary although my original plan was to buy a Sharp-brand. But when I was shown the iRiver D25 at one of the stores, I was instantaneously attracted to its nice colour screen and technical specifications. In the end, I parted with 190,000won (S$305) to own it though I could well get a decent e-dictionary that meet my study needs at about 130,000won (S$210). Anyway, I was just so happy that my day without a e-dictionary is finally over.

iRiver D25 Specifications
• 4.3", 260K color LCD
• Dimensions:135 ×94.3 ×19.7mm
• 1.3 GB flash memory, SD/MMC slot
• MP3 playback, FM radio, Voice recorder
• Games, Image viewing, e-book functionality
• Text-to-speech capability
• 16 hours of battery life
• 51 dictionaries capacity

Inside Iceberry at Yongsan's I'Park Mall

Having Pat Bingsu and fruit sandwiches at Iceberry

Christmas decor at Yongsan's I'Park Mall


  1. OMG! I must get this dictionary too! i have an ibook and white SE phone. the appearance of this beautiful gadget sure complements them :)
    didn't know iriver is having these products i only knew about their audio/video players. I'm using a 1G iriver mp3 player and i really love it. the sound quality is very good. furthermore i like it that it only needs a AA battery which can last a long while (like 40-50 hours) no hassle of charger and accessories. also because it can be operated without looking at the lcd. usually i just reach into the pocket to press the buttons + controls (i dont think i can do that on an ipod coz i'd hv to read the lcd while sliding the touch wheel thinggi)

  2. Hi citrusginger, I think you will like this e-dic. A very capable e-dic with eye-candy interfaces. The buttons are a bit stiff tough.

  3. equinox....can this e-dictionary do translation? or as a Korean to English dictionary? or was it mainly a Korean Dictionary?

    Thanks :)

  4. I was thinking...can I learn to speak Korean using this e-dictionary...

  5. It can translate Korean into English, Chinese and Japanese and vice-versa. You can also use it as an English dictionary. You can't learn to speak Korean using e-dic becos' it read out all languages except Korean.

  6. awww...... it would have been perfect if it can do the Korean speech. Do you know of any others that has such feature? :P

  7. I heard that there are a lot of Korean learning sites which teach people how to pronounce Korean words. Some people swear by these sites but I have not been there so I can't really tell.

  8. oh really...okay i shall do some search :) thanks!