Monday, December 10, 2007

3급 정도 따고요

I finally got to know the results for my TOPIK and KLPT.

My TOPIK's average score is 56.75%, enough to give me a grade 3 pass but since I failed my writing by 2 points, I am still considered to have failed my TOPIK Intermediate. Anyway, I was expecting such result since I only wrote one sentence for my essay which are worth 30 marks. Even if I could have passed by a stroke of luck, it will still be a low grade 3 pass.

Failed my TOPIK Intermediate. Writing did not meet min 40 marks.

My low grade 3 standard is confirmed by my KLPT results. When both TOPIK and KLPT gave almost the same results, I am now quite certain that my current Korean language proficiency standard is not any other grade but a low grade 3. Anyway, obtaining 305 marks is very very close to my target of 300 marks and for that, I am quite satisfied.

Obtained level 3 standard (between 300 and 345 marks) for my KLPT.

The importance of these two test results to me is that they give me a better understanding of my exact weaknesses. Contrary to what I think, I am in fact weaker in my reading as compared to my listening. I will need to beef up on my composition and comprehension skills. Perhaps I should also re-learn my Intermediate level for the TOPIK next year. In spite of that, I don't think I am giving up on trying for advanced level TOPIK. I may consider taking both levels next year afterall.

When I fail, I know my best is not good enough and when I pass, it is time to lift the bar a little bit higher. It serves no purpose to get upset over failure or to savour the sweetness of success because the best has yet to come. I just need to keep on moving. 최선을 다하겠어요.


  1. I am going to have this exam soon, what I wanned to know is that even if you fail in one of the test like just listening or writting, its ok? as long you have pass the rest?? I'm scared because im not good at reading....:(


  2. No, you can't fail any section in TOPIK.
    In other words, you fail the test if you fail any section.

  3. I see!! As I though :P
    How high has to be your score to pass??
    50 over 100 or more?? thanks for answering my question ;D


  4. Depending on the level you are taking,
    40 marks for lower grade and 50 marks for higher grade. Anything lower than 40 marks is a fail.

  5. Thanks for everything :D I'll try my best and practice more my reading then.