Monday, January 22, 2007

제 디지털 카메라

A night scene at "Waitan", Shanghai, taken with my digital compact camera

I have been thinking of switching to a digital SLR camera for quite sometime but have not done so yet primarily because of its bulkiness. Another reason is that I have no habit of taking pictures unless I am overseas. Buying a SLR and keeping it in the drawer would be a waste of money.

In term of picture quality and colour brilliance, my present compact digital camera has its limitation though I like its compactness. Because of its compactness, I can take picture with one hand, I can place it anywhere to take a picture and I can take picture anywhere without feeling awkward. It is not a high-end camera when compared to today's standard. It is only a 4-megapixels camera but "pretends" to be a 8-megapixels through some electronics iteration process. Furthermore, I think its video camera function fares better than its camera function. It is such a "weird" camera. I would not have bought it if not for the sweet talk of the salesman. However, as I become familiar with it, I discover that its night shoot ability is actually much better than many other compact cameras in its range.

In spite of all that are said, I am still thinking quite hard of getting a SLR for the coming Korean trip. I will like to capture the mountains and fields in their full grandness which I doubt my compact camera is able to do. Nonetheless, I will still bring it along because it has been working fine so far.


  1. I think your camera is fine for traveling around Korea unless you have a special purpose needing an SLR.

    I don't take many pictures of Korea, similar reason as you have maybe that I feel there is nothing special about my own country. :)

    I bought a digital SLR just for the food picture,I know it is such a dedication only for the food I eat, however it really helps me a lot in terms of saving my time and quality. I am totally 100% happy with it.

    Taking indoor pictures with really dim lights, a SLR is a must have. :)

    And about the awkwardness in public, I do feel a bit shameful, though in another way, I feel like I am a reporter or something equivalent.

  2. Forgot to mention about your title,
    it should be "제" instead of "재"
    You might have mistyped it. :)

  3. Sue, thanks for sharing your view about SLR. I like your dedication towards food. I may have to check my dedication well before I consider buying a SLR.

    Thanks again for pointing out my spelling error. I commonly make this same mistake. Must be more careful in future ^^