Friday, October 23, 2009

영화 해운대

In the movie "Haeundae", it took one and a half hour of movie time before the mega tsunami hit the beach. At the moment of disaster, for no reason, I felt a sense of lost despite knowing that all were just CGI effects. I have probably formed some kind of attachment to the buildings at Haeundae and I just can't bear to see them being smashed and destroyed.

The light beacon at Haeundae where much of the story in "Haeundae" took place. It's early in morning and everything looks so calm.

Western end of Haeundae Beach in the evening. If you have once been enchanted by this place, it will be 'hard' to witness it being destroyed in the movie.

All these buildings are also not spared from the mega tsunami. It was not easy to see them being laid to waste.

A giant container ship, brought in by the mega tsunami hit Gwangan Bridge in the movie. I felt sorry when such a beautiful bridge has to collapse at the end.

After watching "Haeundae", it seems like tsunami is approaching in this picture. Could it be calmness before the storm? My imagination is running wild. Anyway, my impression of Haeundae is still a resort and not a tsunami-stricken beach. First impression always last.


  1. wah i finally watched the movie..
    the storyline is ok but the effects too fake alr..
    the electrocuting part was quite disturbing though.. >.<

    original time stamp: 24 October 2009 12:23

  2. i agree the effects are not great but if the storyline doesn't make you cry, then it is a failure.

    it's a waste the movie doesn't seem to create a 'tsunami' in singapore.

    original time stamp: 24 October 2009 16:42