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After leaving the first greenhouse, I visited another greenhouse located below it. Initially, I thought it is just another greenhouse but I was wrong. The herb varieties are different and this greenhouse has free flying parrots. It is like an aviary although there are not many birds but still the chirping of birds could be heard throughout the place. This greenhouse also has water features which the first greenhouse lacks. What I like about this place is the blooming Azaleas. I just discover that Azalea is 杜鹃花. I heard a lot about the beauty of 杜鹃花 but this is the first time I am witnessing it myself. Truly a beauty that is worthy of all the praises.

Fully bloomed Azaleas or 杜鹃花 though its still a bit early in Spring.

The second greenhouse has a different mix of herb varieties and feels more humid.

After much walking, I decided to find a place to rest and relax. The Herb Cafe looks like a very nice place for doing that. As I was finding my way to the cafe, I passed by the Herb Island Bakery. Their bread is kinda special because they add herb into the bread. I should have bought some bread to go with my herb coffee which I ordered at Herb Cafe. The coffee costs 4,000won but I used my admission ticket to redeem 3,000won so it only costs me 1,000won at the end. The atmosphere inside the Herb Cafe is so soothing and relaxing. Also, most of the tables are by the window so even if you have nobody to chat to, you can still gaze out of the window and appreciate the serenity of the surroundings.

Herb Island Bakery which sells herb-flavoured bread.

Finding my way to the Herb Cafe which is on top of a hill.

Herb Cafe is a octagonal-shaped building decorated by lotsa plastic flowers.

There is a mini garden at the centre of the building and those are real plants.

A gramophone welcomes you at the entrance.

A giant flower motif at the ceiling with 4 glass panels to allow light through.

My cup of herb coffee which came with really crispy bread sticks.

Fragrant candle in a nice container burning at my table.

Gazing out of the window can be relaxing as well.

Herb Cafe is well-decorated with plants, paintings and dolls like those above.

After rest, its shopping time or rather eye-shopping time. There are many herb-related products being sold inside a beautiful white wooden building. I did a quick walk-through since it was getting a bit late.

A hand-painted catalogue just beside the entrance to the aroma shop.

This beautiful white wooden building houses the aroma shop.

Before I left Herb Island, I went down to its restaurant to have a quick look though I had no intention to take my meal there. I must say I was quite captivated by its setting. You can actually have your meals surrounded by greenery and those plants are real. Well, maybe next time.

Pink benches and green plants at the restaurant are highly contrasting.

A very nice restaurant setting with lotsa of green plants.

According to the Herb Island's homepage, Bus 57 leaves for Pocheon's 한마음약국 (Hanmaeun Pharmacy) bus stop at 1230, 1430, 1630 and 1830 only. I was actually out waiting for the last bus to Pocheon at 1730 but to my surprise, Bus 57 came at 1750. So I boarded the bus thinking it would take me to Pocheon but I discovered later that it has a different bus route. However, I wasn't worried because it would still take me to Soyosan Station (소요산역) which is the last station of Metro Line 1. In fact, it was a much faster way to get home because once at Soyosan Station, I could take the train straight back to my dormitory without any more need to make transfer.

I happen to get hold of the time schedule for this Bus 57 which serves the Soyosan Station. It will depart Herb Island for Soyosan Station at 0950, 1150, 1350, 1550, 1750 and 1925 and the bus journey takes about 20 minutes.

Reversely, this Bus 57 will also leave Dongducheon Station (동두천역, one station before Soyosan Station) for Herb Island everyday at 0850, 1050, 1250, 1450, 1650 and 1850. The bus ride from Donducheon Station to Herb Island is 1 hour. This seems like a much faster way of getting to Herb Island than the method recommended by the homepage.

In summary, once you step into Herb Island, it is like you have just stepped into a land of fairy tales. Its too good to be true but in this instance, its true. This place appeals to all your senses. It is easy to forget the passing of time when you are in there. I may sound like I have special interest in the place but I truly think it is a great getaway and you doesn't need an expensive country club membership to enjoy all its facilities. It is really worthed my trouble getting there. Herb Island will definitely be more beautiful during summer when the outdoor flowers start to bloom.


  1. your blog is better than any 'tourist guide'website.Not as detailed as yours .Thanks for the info..

    I have marked plenty of spots for my seoul tour dream .


  2. 와...말도 안돼.. it's so good..especially the pooh bench ^ ^ 하하...
    가는길은 좀 가르쳐주삼~~

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  3. 네, 알겠습니다 ^^
    얼마나 아름다운지 몰라요.
    꼭 한번 가보세요.

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  4. 와 업데이트 했네요..
    이렇게 자세한 방법 가르쳐줘서 고마워요..
    그럼 이번달에 이곳 그리고 파주에 갈것같아요 ㅋㅋㅋ

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  5. have a good time ^^

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  6. did i see 해바라기? =X
    anyway.. it seems really tough to get there..
    if it's me, i might have slept all the way and miss my stop.. haha!
    nice pictures!!

    original time stamp: 9 March 2009 12:54

  7. 맞어~ 그러나 다 플라스틱 해바라기야 :x

    그렇게 잠을 자는 걸 좋아하는지 몰랐어 ㅋㅋ

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  9. 그렇구나~

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  10. thank you for this entry, when (during the spring) do you recommend to visit Soyosan for azalea viewing?