Sunday, December 30, 2007


For friends whom I met along my Korean language learning path, I know well the reason why we met. The reason is best described by 유유상종 - people of the same kind follow each other. Fate or coincidence is too general to be considered a reason and to ignore the reason is to take thing for granted. So I am glad that I know this reason and that every of this meeting is never meant to be ... accidental.


  1. nice... ^^

    우리는 카페에서 한 얘기를 생각나... ㅋㅋ

  2. 유유상종이란 말을 가르쳐서 감사해~
    나중에 만날 때 다시 같이 수다를 떨자... ^^

  3. oh yes, how true indeed. :) i've met many ppl who brushed off my interest in the language as a passing phase. its then when i realised that having ppl who share the same interest & goals as u will help u to progress even further & that u're not alone in yr journey. :)

    2008년에 우리는 함게 열심이 공부해여해요! :)

  4. 맞아요!

    Jean, just to give you a quick tutorial. When you intend that everyone does something together, you should use ~ㅂ시다 or ~자(impolite form).

    e.g. 2008년에서 우리는 함께 열심히 공부합시다! or ... 공부하자! - tranlsated meaning: Let us all study diligently in 2008.

  5. ahhh. okie. thanks v much! :)