Thursday, October 30, 2008

살면 살수록

I once heard such remark, "싱가포르에서 살면 살수록 좋아해져요." (The more I live in Singapore, the more I grow to like it.)

The remark sent me thinking about what I have taken for granted while living in Singapore. Soon, I came to realise that I can never grow the distinction between "like" and "dislike" for my country because it is part of me.

The Esplanade at the near end. The Singapore Flyer at the far end.

The Merlion Park's extension with Marina South as the background.


  1. 고마워요. 제가 노력할게요^^
    아.. will you be going to vivo city these 2 days to take a look at the korean festival?
    저는 내일이 시간이 있으면 갈까 해요.

  2. 그렇다면 좋겠다!

    한국축제에 갔다왔어요 ^^
    가 볼 만해요.