Wednesday, October 01, 2008

괜찮다고 생각해

Picture taken at the National Palace Museum's cafe - 고궁뜨락

A year ago, I would be screaming "비싸요" for a Cafe Latte that costs 5,000won. Today, I would just say "괜찮아요". That is how much difference a year can made. Singapore Dollar has strengthened almost 25% against Korean Won over the last one year. Early last year, SGD1 is only worth about KRW600 but it has since shot up to over KRW800. Singapore dollar is so much in love these days for obvious reason. However, my gut-feel tells me that I should be stashing away Korean won now. It is not possible for Korea's economy to nose-dive to destruction just because Uncle Sam's economy is wrecked. When it rebounds just like it did from the 1997 financial crisis, I can imagine myself laughing my way to the bank.


  1. That has happened to me while I've been here in Korea. When I came here 3 years ago, $1 Australian was about 650-700won. Now it's about 950 won, and a couple of months ago, it was 1,000 won. Of course it's good if you come here for a holiday, but I was sending money home... ouch!

  2. That's another good reason for you to go back to Australia :)

  3. Hello (: Just to share with you, I have applied for the winter regular program at yonsei university. haha

    It seems like you really have alot of wonderful experiences in Korea :D

  4. You're just saying that you're busy with your study and here you're going to Yonsei. Wow, that's great! Enjoy your winter "holiday". Its going to be a wonderful experience for you :)