Saturday, October 18, 2008

닭꼬치되게 좋아

닭꼬치 looks mouth-watering good. One stick is never enough.

닭꼬치 (chicken-on-a-skewer) is one of my favourite 간식 (snack). I need no introduction when I bought my first stick as it tastes as good as it looks. 닭꼬치 can be differentiated by its length and taste. At its longest, 닭꼬치 can be as long as 50cm. I was eating this 50cm-long 닭꼬치 and the wooden stick actually bent under the weight of the chicken meat. For the taste, there are generally the 매운 맛 (spicy) and 안 매운 맛 (non-spicy). I cannot forget that day when I decided to try the 매운 맛. The degree of spiciness burst my threshold and I almost teared up. I must admit that I do not take spicy food very well.

There is something that I find quite interesting about eating 닭꼬치 in Seoul. Scissors are provided at the stall for customers to cut away the exposed stick after a chuck of meat is bitten off. It is not uncommon to see short pieces of stick being strewn all over the stall. I have yet to adopt this habit though. My stick will stay as one piece before and after eating as I prefer to nibble away the chicken meat from the side. From the way I eat 닭꼬치, people can probably tell that I am a foreigner. What to do, I eat 닭꼬치 like I am eating satay.


  1. i want a stick of that now....slurps* eat it the satay way :)