Wednesday, October 15, 2008

많이 드세요

When it comes to food, I usually have nothing much to say. More often than not, I just look, eat and pay. Food that I will pay money for is one that I will eat (I am kinda selective about the food I eat), looks decent and affordable. I can't say that I am not bother about the food I eat but I am far from being a food critics. I have no interest in describing the taste and smell of food or how it simulates the gastronomic senses. Simply put it, when it comes to food, I am more than happy to just eat it. Due to my mild interest in food, I don't usually read food reviews or recommendations. But that doesn't mean I don't know where the good food are. The best indicator of good food is the queue or the crowd. While following the crowd may not be wise in some situation, if it concerns food, I am all for following the crowd. The majority can't be wrong about the food they eat.


  1. 한국음식... 진짜 그리울거야.. ^^;;;

    아. 한국에 오는 비행기표를 끊었어? 언제 오는데? 나 9/12에 싱가폴에 갈거야

  2. I've got 3 days to go, and I know I'm gonna miss Korean food when I'm back in Australia. 득히 보쌈 *^^*

  3. K양, 다시 한 번,
    가지마! 가지말라고~
    어떻게 날 두고 먼저 떠날 수 있니?
    싫어 싫어 ㅋㅋㅋ

    언제 도착하는지 몰르겠는데 운이 좋으면 너 떠나기 전에라도 만날 수 있어. 다음에 정확한 날짜를 알려 줄게 ^^

    Andy, 3 years in Korea and just 3 more days to go before leaving Korea. Well, have a safe trip back home.