Sunday, October 19, 2008

돌담길을 걷는다면

돌담길 is a small and picturesque road located besides the quaint stone-wall of Deoksu Palace. In the 1970s, the road was almost synonymous with dating. It was the top favourite dating place for couples. So it is not surprising that 돌담길 has a special place in the heart of many Seoulites. Everyone will probably hold some special memory about the road.

But there is also this urban myth that says couples who walk along 돌담길 will eventually be separated. I probably can guess how this myth came about but that is not important. Regardless of the myth's origin, nothing can undermine the beauty of 돌담길. It is a nice and peaceful place to take an evening stroll even if you have no date. (Just to check if you are observant. Did you notice any magpie somewhere in the pictures?)


  1. Yes, I remember walking along this lane. Luckily I had walked alone at that time ^^. I think there is a movie about this lane too... Virgin Snow - Lee Junki and the Japanese actress. Very romantic. Sigh... It must be beautiful in Autumn.....

  2. Perhaps it may be more beautiful in winter.