Tuesday, October 07, 2008

잊지 못한다

남자는 첫사랑을 잊지 못한다.
여자는 마지막 사랑만 기억한다.
Men cannot forget their first love.
Women can only remember their last love.

남자는 첫사랑을 평생 잊지 못한다.
여자는 첫사랑을 다른 사랑이 생길 때까지 잊지 못한다.
Men cannot forget their first love for life.
Women cannot forget their first love until their next love.

Why do men and women differ in their memory about love? There is some logical explanation to this difference. Men and women will fondly remember their first love and last love because those were the times when they tried their very best. For men, the emotional barrier to overcome get lower with each confession they make. For women, the emotional barrier get higher with each love they accept. In other words, it get easier for men to confess but it get harder for women to accept new love. Men or women, regardless, will only treasure those things that they work hard for. It is not about the number of attempts but rather the amount of effort that each put in that determines how each experience will be remembered. The more effort put in, the more memorable will be the experience. If we could always give the same amount of effort, then perhaps every love will just be like first or last love.

Anyway, I read the above explanation in some Korean sites. So it is not exactly my thought. All I did was to translate it. ^^

심심하니까 바보 같은 질문이 하나 생겼어요. 삶이 지루할 때만 맞춰 보세요. 정답을 맞출 수 없으면 나를 때리지 마세요. 미리 바보 같은 질문이라고 했거든요.

그럼 질문은 개구리가 무엇을 항상 잊어 버렸어요?

아랫부분을 커서로 가리키고 하이라이트하면 정답을 볼 수 있습니다.

정답: 올챙이입니다. "개구리 올챙이 적 생각 못한다"는 속담이 있잖아요.

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