Friday, October 24, 2008


I used to stay back after my Korean class on Saturday to watch what I called the "Saturday Afternoon Matinee". Our teacher would usually prepare some interesting Korean programme to screen after class. One of those Saturdays, the programme screened was the highly-popular KBS programme - "1박2일" (One Night Two Days). In that episode, the task given to the "1박2일" team was to participate in another highly-popular KBS programme - "전국 노래자랑" (Korean Sings). When two highly-popular programmes meet, there are bound to be explosive fireworks. It was so much fun watching the "1박2일" team preparing and rehearsing for their participation number - "무조건" [無條件, Unconditional (Love)].

"무조건" is a very famous 트로트 (trot) in Korea. Trot, unlike Korean pop, has mass appeal and long staying power because their melody and lyrics are both simple and catchy. In Korea, trot is as popular as Korean pop, if not more. I used to think that trot is only meant for the elderly but the "1박2일" team's hilarious performance of "무조건" changed my impression completely.

I was recently reminded of "무조건" by the "1박2일" team because our teacher was asking if we would like to participate in the K-Pop Talent Contest (This contest is held in conjunction with the Korea Festival 2008 which will happen in Singapore between 1 Nov and 18 Nov). I am not about to join the contest by the way. I am just thinking that if there is any participating team out there which can perform "무조건" as hilarious as the "1박2일" team, they will probably win a lot more points from the judges.

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