Sunday, October 26, 2008


When I saw the list of flims to be screened for the coming Korean Film Festival, I was kinda disappointed. Among the 7 films selected, there are probably only three that are worth watching and I have already watched two of them. Between the two, I think "Forever The Moment" is the better one, even though "The Good, The Bad & The Weird" may be the highest-grossing Korean film in 2008. If I have to say something about "The Good, The Bad & The Weird", it would be that it is neither good nor bad but it is "weird". I can't figure out why it is so popular in Korea. The plot is quite lame in my opinion. All I can remember is that the film is packed with actions, with lotsa gun-shots, explosions and mindless blood-shedding. I must say that the 3 hunks in the film display great acting skills though. In particular, the 이상한 놈 (weird guy) is very comical. Without him, I think the film will be less watchable. With no other better choices, I guess I am left with only "Crossing" to watch.


  1. It's such a pity that I'll be having my exams during the korean festival...

  2. A level 잘 보기를 바랍니다. 파이팅!