Saturday, November 01, 2008

한국축제 개막식

H.E. Kim JoongKeun, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, wearing "batik" and delivering his opening address for the Korea Festival under the swaying palms at Skypark, VivoCity (The largest shopping mall in Singapore).

The B-boys - one of the soft powers of modern Korea and the "poster boys" of the KTO's overseas publicity blitz. So here comes "Last For One" - Winner of the 2007 World UK B-Boy Championship. If you have not seen the B-boys in action yet, you are probably not quite tune in to the Korean pop culture.

Some morale-boosting for the B-boys and the fusion drummers before the show starts. The back of the B-boys' t-shirt reads: Since 2002, We Are All One Mind. The Emcee kept asking people to find a seat to sit down but I prefer standing at the backstage. It is more interesting there can.

Mr. Snowman showing affection for Asiana Girl? No, not really. They are there to promote winter tour packages to Korea. I didn't check out the deals as I am never a fan of tour package. Anyways, it is probably the best time to visit Korea as the exchange rate has never been so good!

I ate 붕어빵 ice-cream much earlier than I ate kimchi. Not really that fantastic but I just like red bean ice cream. It is sold for S$1.90 (~KRW1,500) at the Fiesta. At this price, I can probably "catch" two "붕어" in Korea.

"Last For One" performed in the evening again. The short video shown before their entry set the audience's expectation for some spectacular performance. They didn't fail. Their strength was awesome and so was their performance. They kept everyone captivated while they performed their freestyle.


  1. Hi Equinox ssi,

    I also went to the korea fiesta yesterday. I thought there were stalls selling korea food such as Japchae, ttokpogi etc, a bit dissapointed. However, my friend and I tried the winter melon icecream, it was delicious

  2. If the organiser can bring in a few 포창마차(mobile food stall), it would have been great. Not only will we get to eat ddeokbokki, there will a lot more Korean fare to choose from.

    Unfortunately, what is being displayed at the Fiesta only goes to reinforce the impression that Korea food is all about kimchi. Ok lah, at least there is still free kimchi pancake to try.

    I like winter melon ice cream too ^^

  3. What?!! Last For One was in Singapore again?!
    And i didnt get to see them...waaa!!!

  4. you didn't miss much. they only performed for about 20 mins.

  5. Definitely You should FISH two 붕어빵 with that money.ㅋㅋ