Saturday, January 06, 2007

그대 돌아오면

The range of Korean singer albums in Singapore is very limited. Walk into any CD shop and the rack for Korean pop is probably stacked with Boa and Rain albums. But thanks to Internet, I can still get to hear some fantastic voices from Korea without being at the mercy of the CD importers.

It is through Internet that I get to know Gummy or 거미. In the Chinese sites, Gummy is called "spider" because that is what 거미 actually means. Unexpectedly, I have learnt another Korean word here. It is usually easier to remember a new Korean word if I can associate it with an image.

Back to Gummy's song, I do not own her "unplugged" album. I watch her music video "그대 돌아오면" (if you return) in the Internet. I am impressed by her vocal acrobatic, something a good R&B singer should possess. The tempo of this song is light and easy-going, very suitable for freeing up your mind after a hectic day.

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